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One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when replacing or fixing their roofs is selecting top-notch roofing contractors for the job. Following storm damage, you need to quickly return to normal. However, hiring the first contractor knocking on your door is never the best strategy.

While finding professional, honest, and trustworthy roofing experts may seem challenging, look for the following attributes:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings
Some roofing experts magically appear the day after a major storm hits. It is crucial to research the company on the BBB website to check companies’ grades and customer reviews. Avoid companies that don’t exist in the BBB database. If they exist but don’t have a score or any comments, they may just be new. In this case, look at their other attributes verify they are local, licensed and insured.

Extensive Warranty
Not all roofing experts offer warranties that include labor coverage. If the roof is installed incorrectly, it could take months or years for damage to appear and insurance will not cover the cost. If the contractor refuses to fix it or is out of business, you must pay out-of-pocket for repair. A workmanship warranty is always beneficial for your protection.

Good Communication
Top-notch roofing contractors are experts who communicate all details about the job. During the quote process, did they:
Promptly return calls
Provide the promised documentation
…and follow through with your requests? Communicate your concerns. But if they are unable to fulfill your needs, then it’s time to find another company.

After a storm there is a rush to repair and replace roofing, companies called ‘storm chasers’ are aware of this need and thrive on this concern.  A ‘storm chaser’ will pressure a homeowner to sign a contract quickly to secure the job.  If your home is not leaking; be willing to wait on a local, licensed, insured contractor.  Foster Roofing is 25 years strong and will be available for your roofing services before and after the storm with professional service.  A ‘storm chaser’ will be gone the minute the insurance check is cashed.

Material Choices
The color and style of shingles can impact resale value. Roofing experts that don’t offer shingle options may not have your best interests in mind. If the insurance company is covering the cost of a new roof, it might be an excellent time to upgrade to a more distinctive style.

No-Pressure Approach
Avoid contractors that try to pressure you into signing a contract before an estimate has been provided. Many roofing experts say they will work with whatever number the insurance company provides, but you want a defined amount. The roofing experts should examine the entire home before making an estimate and confirm the insurance adjuster found all damages. The quoted cost should be reasonable for the materials and labor.

Paying the Deductible
Beware of contractors claiming they can manage repairs without you paying the insurance deductible. This is insurance fraud. You, as the homeowner, are liable. You’re responsible for covering the deductible which should be reflected in the roofer’s quote. There should be no up-charge to the estimate to cover part or all the deductible.

Prioritizing Safety
Safety should be at the top of every top-notch roofing contractors list. Roofing experts should have a safety or training program for employees. Safety training can keep you and your family safe as well as the roofing company employees.

Proper Insurance and Licensing
Proof of licensure and employee insurance for all employees or subcontractors is critical. Most states require licensing but that does not mean unlicensed contractors don’t exist. In states with this requirement, obtain a copy of their license and check the status online. Not having required insurance could lead to litigation if an employee is injured or property is damaged on the job.

Not all roofing experts have all these qualities, but if they fulfill the majority, they are likely a trustworthy company that will do the job safely and to your standards. Because knowledge is power, the more informed you are about roofing and roofing experts, and their practices, the more streamlined and quality the roofing job!

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