Foster Roofing plays a significant and often underestimated role in the world of residential real estate. Our expertise greatly assists residential real estate agents when selling or buying a house for their client. The condition of a roof is a critical factor for both buyers and sellers, influencing property value, negotiation dynamics, and the overall success of a real estate transaction. Here’s how we are a valuable ally to residential real estate agents:

Pre-listing Inspections and Repairs: Before listing a property, a proactive real estate agent might recommend a roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor. This step allows for identifying any existing issues that could potentially deter potential buyers. Foster Roofing can provide a detailed assessment of the roof’s condition, highlighting any repairs or replacements needed. By addressing these concerns early, sellers can avoid last-minute hiccups during negotiations.

Accurate Property Valuation: The roof’s condition directly impacts the property’s value. A deteriorating or damaged roof can lead to decreased property appraisals and reduced buyer interest. Foster Roofing’s assessment provides valuable data for real estate agents to accurately price a property based on its current condition. This helps prevent overpricing or underpricing due to overlooking the roof’s role in the overall property value.

Negotiation Leverage: Armed with Foster Roofing’s report, real estate agents have a stronger negotiating position. If repairs are necessary, they can present potential buyers with a transparent estimate of the costs involved. Alternatively, sellers can address issues before listing and use the improved roof condition as a selling point to justify a higher asking price. In either case, our assessment empowers agents to navigate negotiations more effectively.

Buyer Confidence: For buyers, a solid roof is synonymous with security and a hassle-free living experience. When touring a potential property, buyers appreciate knowing that the roof is in good condition. If repairs are needed, buyers can feel more comfortable moving forward with the purchase, knowing that they have accurate information and can plan for future expenses.

Timely Transactions: Roof-related issues often lead to delays in closing deals. With Foster Roofing’s involvement, sellers can address necessary repairs before listing, streamlining the selling process. On the buyer’s side, a clear understanding of the roof’s condition reduces the likelihood of unexpected post-purchase repairs, allowing transactions to proceed more smoothly.

Network and Recommendations: Foster Roofing has extensive networks within the construction and real estate industries. We can recommend other reliable professionals for additional home inspections, repairs, or improvements. This network can be a valuable resource for real estate agents and customers alike.

Educational Support: Foster Roofing educates both agents and buyers about different roofing materials, maintenance needs, and potential longevity. This information empowers buyers to make informed decisions and gives agents a deeper understanding of the properties they’re dealing with.

Foster Roofing’s expertise is a pivotal asset for residential real estate agents. From accurate property valuation to negotiation support, their insights contribute to successful transactions that satisfy both buyers and sellers. By recognizing the significance of a well-maintained roof and collaborating with roofing professionals, real estate agents can enhance their services and reputation in the industry.

Foster Roofing:
30 Years Strong


  • "Recently worked with Foster Roofing for the replacement of multiple roofs in a multifamily community. Their staff was outstanding at their job and had 26 roofs replaced in around 1 week. During the entire process, their supervisor, Cole, was easy to contact and very friendly, and they went above and beyond in performing the repairs as well as replacing damaged materials, all while doing their best to work within their estimate, even when additional work and materials were required to properly complete the job. Very friendly and professional team and I cannot recommend Foster Roofing enough"

    Cameron B.
  • "Foster Roofing IS who you want to replace your roof. Best experience, by far, that I have ever had with a roofing contractor. Landon provided me with samples and photos of houses they had previously roofed with the shingles I was considering. Foster Roofing came highly recommended by several people I talked to that had used them. Their prices were excellent and the price to replace the gutters and fix another problem was also very reasonable. They did an excellent job on the roof install, and Landon kept in touch with me to answer any questions, and to keep me updated on their progress. I know this review sounds too good to be true, but I was truly impressed with the entire process and their professionalism. I wish they could do the remaining house repairs we need done. I definitely will recommend Foster Roofing to anyone needing a new roof."

    Mark K.
  • "It took less than a week from my phone call to have an estimate to completion of project. The roof was completed in one day. Very responsive to questions asked and everything outside was left better than when Foster Roofing arrived."

    Sheila F.
  • "My new roof looks amazing. Foster roofing did the job in a day and a half, including clean-up. They were a pleasure to work with. Very professional. I would certainly recommend them to anyone with roofing issues."

    Miriam L.
  • "I am extremely happy with the work that Foster Roofing did for me. They were competitively priced and the crew was polite and friendly. The cleanup Foster Roofing did after the installation was complete was excellent. Would highly recommend Foster Roofing."

    Robert C.
  • "Hayden with Foster Roofing was great to work with and made the process of roof repair easy and painless. Their price was very reasonable and he had the estimate to me within a couple of days and the work was scheduled and completed by the end of the week. Very good quality work and a painless process. Would highly recommend Foster Roofing."

    Jeremy D.
  • "Foster Roofing has been absolutely amazing from start to finish. Made sure that I always had all the information. The process has been quick and easy. They are very professional, do outstanding work, and are very reasonably priced. Will definitely keep using them for all my roofing and gutter needs. Thanks again to the Foster Roofing company. Y'all made a big thing such an ease to get scheduled and done."

    Nina M.
  • "Foster Roofing is fantastic! I called and set up an appointment with Roy B. He called back and emailed immediately. He came out to my house and did an inspection and gave me a thorough breakdown of the issues. They were able to come out at my requested time and had the work done in less than one day! They cleaned up my whole yard, left no debris and were extremely professional! "

    Lauren M.
  • "Our experience with Foster Roofing was WONDERFUL. From the initial booking to the final inspection, they made sure I understood everything that was happening in a clear way. During the roofing process, they came across some unexpected problems with our roof and they called right away and explained it to me and explained my options. Foster Roofing worked quickly and had our home done in 6 hours. 10/10 would recommend them! "

    Laura C.
  • "I appreciate Foster Roofing for efficiently handling the small gap between the roof and the ridge vent. The entire process, from the estimate request to the representative’s punctual visit and detailed explanation of various roofing materials, was excellent. On the first day of the project, the delivery company smoothly loaded the roof shingles and ridge vents onto the roof with speed and accuracy. On the second day, the roofers arrived at 6:30 a.m. and completed the replacement work by late afternoon. The inspection on the third day confirmed that all steps proceeded smoothly and efficiently. The only remaining gap on the roof was neatly addressed by the roofers who came the following day. I believe the final settlement process will also be well concluded. Additionally, the estimate representative provided price matching, and repeated recommendations from construction professionals in my vicinity were among the key motivations for selecting this company. Once again, special thanks to the Foster Roofing team and contractors. "

    Hyunchol L.
  • "I would HIGHLY recommend Foster Roofing, The work they do is not only top-notch but they also do a great cleanup. No nails or old shingles lying around when they are done. Cole is who I worked with, the guy is great and will stand by his word. Thank You, Cole and Foster Roofing. I 100% will recommend them and use them again if ever needed. "

    Tim B.
  • "I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Foster Roofing. First and foremost Mike Kinne was by my side every step of the process. Mike is honest, fair, and available to his customers. He is the ultimate professional. He is the reason I chose Foster Roofing, and I’m so glad I did. They performed an entire tear-off and reroof of my home in 7 hours and left my property looking Immaculate. I have yet to find a single nail on the ground. The quality inspections have been above and beyond. Thank you to Jonathon, Curtis, and Mike for all coming out and checking things over, answering my questions, and going above and beyond to make sure me and my wife are happy. If you want integrity, craftsmanship, value, professionalism, old-fashioned quality customer service, and the best-looking roof in your neighborhood done right and efficiently, I strongly encourage anyone reading this to make Foster Roofing your first and only call, ( and if he’s available to ask for Mike Kinne you won’t be sorry) Thank you team Foster Roofing"

    Justin S.
  • "First I would like to say this is an honest review. My true personal experience. I want to thank the Foster Roofing Company for an outstanding job. You hire a roofing company and of course, you want a job done very well. We got that and so much more. From talking to one’s on the phone and setting up for them to come give us a bid to the final inspection everyone and everything was done exactly like they said. Everyone was on time, polite, and respectful. This company has its systems down on how to do their jobs. You call for an estimate, they come out when they say they will, very thorough and kind. Everything is in writing. Roy explained everything in detail. We knew what to expect. Once we accepted the bid they gave us a start date and time. Said material would be delivered the day before. Everything happened just like they said. No surprises. The crew was very respectful, kind, and hard-working. Did a beautiful job. The next day after installation Curtis came to inspect the new roof and that my property was clean. How comforting because I don’t know what to look for if it was done correctly or not. I keep going outside to look at my beautiful new roof. Neighbors are commenting on how nice it looks. I have peace of mind knowing my roof will not leak and it was done correctly with no hassles. We will recommend your company to all of our neighbors, friends, and family. Thank you again Foster Roofing. Wish all companies took as much pride in their work as you do."

    Pamela K.

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