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Foster Roofing is a critical asset to home builders, offering a range of specialized skills and knowledge that significantly contribute to the overall quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of newly constructed homes. Our expertise goes beyond simply installing a roof; it encompasses meticulous planning, precise execution, and the assurance of long-term protection for the entire structure. Here’s a comprehensive look at the value that Foster Roofing brings to a home builder:

Expertise in Material Selection: Foster Roofing possesses in-depth knowledge about various roofing materials available in the market, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tiles, and more. We guide the home builder in selecting the most suitable material based on factors like climate, local building codes, and the desired aesthetic. For example, there are different asphalt shingles that are hail impact rated and depending on the home builder’s or homeowner’s request can be installed.

Quality Installation: Foster Roofing has trained crews to perform precise and accurate installations. A well-installed roof ensures watertightness, energy efficiency, and overall structural integrity, preventing future issues such as leaks, mold growth, and premature deterioration. Less calls from homeowners AFTER completing their home.

Efficiency and Timeliness: Time is of the essence in construction projects. Foster Roofing understands the importance of staying on schedule and works efficiently to complete the roofing project within the specified timeframe, allowing other phases of construction to progress smoothly. Our superintendents visit home developments daily to be proactive on scheduling for roof installations.

Prevention of Future Issues: A well-installed roof can prevent a host of potential problems, such as water infiltration, structural damage, and energy inefficiency. By ensuring the roof’s longevity and resilience, Foster Roofing contributes to the overall long-term value of the home.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The roof is a prominent exterior element of any home. Foster Roofing understands the importance of curb appeal and harmonizes the roof’s design with the rest of the house, boosting its visual appeal and market value. We can present different options to the home builder and homeowner.

Warranty and Guarantees: Foster Roofing provides warranties on our workmanship and the roofing materials used. This offers the home builder peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen issues will be addressed without additional financial burden.

Professional Network: Foster Roofing has established relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and other professionals in the construction industry. This network can be advantageous for the home builder, potentially leading to cost savings on materials and services.

Foster Roofing is an indispensable partner for home builders, providing specialized skills that contribute to the overall quality, timeliness, and aesthetic appeal of a newly constructed home. By leveraging our expertise in material selection, precise installation, schedule, and more, Foster Roofing ensures that the home’s first line of defense against the elements is strong, durable, and built to last.

Foster Roofing:
30 Years Strong


  • "There’s a reason why Foster Roofing has been voted the best so many times: They simply are . . . the BEST! Their office took care of all the details, including a carload of samples for us to examine, dealing with our insurance company, scheduling the work, being sure all of the materials needed were onsite, right down to paint for the plumbing vents to match the shingles, new flashing and copper for the chimney and so much more. Their roofing crew was dedicated, skilled, and punctual, even in 95-degree Arkansas summer heat. They had a skilled electrician to hook up our new power vents and a gutter crew who installed gutters and downspouts to perfection. I have zero concerns about our new roof. If you truly want the best roof for your home, go with Foster Roofing! They're the BEST!"

    Curt and Linda
  • "After a few storms, enough damage occurred to justify a new roof and gutter system. Since I am retired, I have enough time on my hands to adequately research multiple roofing companies. Having spent over twenty years in manufacturing as a Certified Purchasing Manager, I understand the value of conducting a thorough, fair, and unbiased bid process. After interviewing representatives from five highly reputable companies, Foster Roofing was the obvious choice, and boy did they deliver. Representative Roy Biswell, his support staff, and the installation crew were professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and highly skilled. Being a real stickler for detail, I can honestly say Foster Roofing's workmanship is of the highest quality and their clean-up is impeccable. Foster Roofing said what they were going to do and did what they said they would do. In my opinion, Foster Roofing is as good as it gets."

    Jim S.
  • "Our experience was exceptional, and I am very pleased about the work. From the gentleman that came out to give us a quote to the working crew, and the gentleman that came out for the final inspection. If I had not been at the house when they came and started and had come home in the afternoon, I would not have known anyone had even been there except seeing the new roof and a stack of shingles were missing in the area the yard you cannot tell anything had been touched, I would highly recommend Foster Roofing to anyone and everyone. We appreciate the great job they all did. Thank you so much."

    Mary C.
  • "I had a great experience with Foster Roofing. RD and Kevin were readily available to answer all my questions and were very professional and personable. They are very knowledgeable not just about roofing but about the whole process and explaining it clearly. The work was exceptional and they roofed my house and two shops in one day. I really like how well they clean up and have someone inspect the work to make sure I’m satisfied with it before paying them. I’d definitely recommend Foster Roofing."

    Guy G.
  • "Foster Roofing did a fast fabulous job! My roof was hit recently with major hail damage and I picked Foster Roofing to replace it and I sure made the best decision. Again very happy with Foster Roofing."

    Marsheila J.
  • "Very friendly, fast, and efficient! Foster Roofing did a great job, replaced my roof, and cleaned everything up when done. Cheaper than the other companies that we got bids from. The new roof looks great!"

    Linda M.
  • "I was very pleased with Foster Roofing! I spoke with Cole and he was able to come out and give me an estimate later that same day. As soon as we decided to move forward with the project, he had it completed within a couple of days. He was very informative and explained exactly what the problem was (with pictures as well) and how he would fix it. I would definitely recommend Foster Roofing in the future!"

    Traci J.
  • "Foster Roofing did an excellent job replacing my roof after a storm damaged my old roof. Their professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional, and I was grateful for the communication and helpfulness they provided throughout the process. I’d highly recommend Foster Roofing for your residential roofing needs."

    Kathryn A.
  • "We have used Foster Roofing for two repairs on our roof. Hayden answered all my many questions efficiently and was very knowledgeable. Landon and the men who did the repair were so great working with my schedule to ensure everything worked for me. The men working were efficient and kept the work area clean and answered the questions I had for them too. Will absolutely use Foster Roofing for any roofing needs."

    Amber Baxter
  • "Foster Roofing is a great local company with professional staff and quality work with extremely competitive pricing. The crew was also great. Very good cleanup and took precautions not to damage, landscape air conditioner units, or getting debris in the pool."

    Ralph May
  • "Foster Roofing guided and helped me work through and understand the insurance process as this was my first claim. Once insurance was sorted out Foster Roofing office and then the field team that completed the work communicated great through the entire process and sent picture updates. This team worked quickly, cleaned up, and respected my property and family. Highly recommend this team!"

    John Reynolds
  • "I was extremely impressed and pleased with the craftsmanship of Foster Roofing!! Everyone was very kind to me during a very stressful time. The job was done quickly, and neatly!! I could not believe how beautiful my roof looked afterward!! Even our neighbors were impressed. Hayden Harvey was my representative, and he was so helpful!!! The price was great!! Thank you Foster Roofing for a great job!"

    Bill Harper
  • "I highly recommend Foster Roofing. They came at the appointed time. The roofing crew was very efficient and put down tarps to catch debris and nails. During the process, someone from the office called to see if I had any questions or comments during the roofing. After the roof was complete Curtis came out to check on the roof and clean up. They are one of the best companies I have used."


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