The Benefits Of Using A Drone When Doing A Roof Replacement

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Replacing a roof is easier said than done. This is dangerous work performed at a high elevation. Thankfully, drone technology is facilitating the challenge of roof replacement. The use of drones makes replacing a roof safer, easier, and cheaper. 

Assessing the Roof 

Roofs must be evaluated before the decision is made to replace them. There is no sense climbing up to the roof and risking life and limb when it’s possible to check out the roof’s status with a drone. Our roofing experts’ careful use of drones is akin to an “eye in the sky,” providing video footage and snapshots of the roof’s condition. These are the visuals we need to determine if roof repair or replacement is necessary. The best part is there is no risk to life and limb. The drone can provide video/pictures from various vantage points without subjecting a crew member to even the slightest danger. 

Drones Capture More Information Than Humans 

There is only so much the human eye can see from a stationary position. Though it’s possible to move around on the roof, it’s not always safe to do so. However, it’s perfectly safe to reposition a drone in the sky to capture video of the roof from every angle. Furthermore, drones can get into tight spaces to get video or snapshots of the roof that otherwise might be difficult to access as a human. 

Before and After Shots 

Drones help contrast the roof’s original aesthetic before the replacement with its new look after the replacement is performed. Take a look at the before and after shots/video captured by the drone and you’ll see just how much work our roofing experts put in to perform a full replacement that stands the test of time. 

Drones Speed up the Roof Replacement Process 

A roof in need of replacement cannot merely be torn off and replaced without preparation. A considerable amount of planning goes into roof replacement. Drones help with the challenge of data collection. There is no need to mount any equipment or climb the roof. The drone collects the data our roofing team needs, empowering us to replace your roof much faster than would otherwise be possible. 

Drones Reduce the Cost of Roof Replacement 

Drones certainly cost money, yet this one-time investment will produce sizable dividends over time. A roofer with a drone doesn’t have to pay for expensive lifts, scaffolding, ladders or other climbing gear to check out the roof. Nor is there a need for as many laborers. The result is a reduction in labor and equipment costs. The best roofers pass on these savings to customers in the form of lower project costs. 

It’s also worth noting that drones typically reduce insurance costs. Roofers often insure their equipment as the prospect of damage and accidents is very real. These insurance costs have the potential to be quite high, yet drones minimize the risk and consequently, help lower insurance costs. The bottom line is every roof must be inspected for safety issues before replacement or any other project. The use of a drone rather than a worker minimizes risk and reduces the roofer’s insurance rates, with the savings passed onto customers. 

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