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Harsh weather can take a toll on the toughest of roofs. When this happens, it’s essential you have a professional roof repair company. The first step we take at Foster Roofing is inspecting the roof for damage. We assess the damage and offer reliable solutions. Without the right skills, some roof issues can go unnoticed; that’s why we sharing some of the elements we watch out for during routine roof assessments.

Types of storm damage on your roof
Hail damage

Hail can damage shingles or bruise them. Patterns of round shaped divots are expected at the edges. Our professionals also check the flashing for indents. An untrained eye can miss some of the dents.
Different roof materials, age of the material, and hail size determine the best use when mitigating the damage. That’s why it’s crucial to contact a professional to handle the roof repair. Foster Roofing helps correct the problem before it worsens.
Wind damage
Windstorms can cause unfathomed damage leaving a trail of destruction in their paths. Roofs are prone to destruction when this happens.
It doesn’t take storms of large magnitude to damage your roof. According to a study, windstorms have a speed of up to 100 mph. If you suspect wind damage to your roof, reach out to us large, and we’ll be on the scene to inspect and repair your roof.
Debris damage
Windstorms can leave all sorts of debris in their wake. These are often small rocks, branches, and other materials that can pierce your roof shingles. If you suspect your roof has been damaged by falling debris, reach out to us for a quick roof repair assessment.

Some of the services we offer include:

Insurance Assistance: We help you navigate the tricky world of insurance and claims.
Roof Replacement: Our roof repair services are extended to partial and full roof replacement requests.
Commercial Roof Services: Our design team provides reliable solutions to all commercial roofing needs.
Roof Assessment: We carry out extensive and detailed roof assessments.
Customer Service: Foster Roofing is available to assist through contacting our office, live chat through our website and social media outlets.

Choose the right roof repair contractor

Handling roof storm damage starts with hiring the right service provider. You need an experienced contractor to hold your hand throughout the process. Foster Roofing prioritizes client satisfaction, here are some of the factors that make us the right roof repair companion:

Testimonials: We are widely known for the comprehensive roofing repair services we offer. Our reputation as the leading roof services repair precedes us. The reviews and feedback left behind by our clients are proof we have what it takes to make your next roof repair job a success. Our high client satisfaction rate is owed to our team of highly skilled professionals.

Quality roof repair services: As a professional roofing contractor, we are committed to providing quality services. When looking for a roofing contractor, you might want to consider quality. With over 25 years of craftsmanship, we have different construction materials under our belts. Your roofing material choice should not affect the output. Quality roofing services are now accessible thanks to Foster Roofing services.
Licensed and insured roof repair: Each contractor should have the right documentation to prove their accreditation. Our operations in NW Arkansas and River Valley are insured to safeguard the well-being of all our personnel. This, coupled with our accreditation, makes us the go-to roof repair companion.

Ultimately, roof maintenance and repairs help you limit the expenses on future repair works. At Foster Roofing, we help you get ahead of the problem by identifying the roof damage before it’s too late. The untrained eye cannot identify certain damages. Regular assessments are essential to prevent storm damage from worsening. Our agents are on standby to handle all your roofing needs.

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