Roof Replacement | 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

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The roof is an essential component of your house. If damaged, the structural integrity of the entire building gets compromised. To prevent damage to the house, its roof should be in good shape at all times. With continuous use, roofs need to get repaired or replaced altogether. But, how do you tell that a roof needs to be repaired or replaced altogether? Well here are five tell-tale signs you need a new roof.

  1. Leaks

This is the most obvious sign of roof damage, which you should look out for. Leaks are typically caused by holes or cracks on the roof, which allow water to seep through. Small holes and cracks are nothing to worry about since you can fix them quite easily. However, the presence of large holes and cracks indicates extensive seepage, thus the need to replace the entire roof.

Whenever it rains and larger streams of drips of water appear, it could be a sign of falling shingles, damaged decking, or tar paper. It takes time to discover most water leaks. Sometimes when a roof is leaking, you may not see water dripping from the ceiling. Stains on walls and the ceiling, swellings in trim or woodwork, and paint blistering or peeling are some of the tell-tale signs of water leakage. Such blemishes can indicate a considerable leak caused by a faulty roof.

  1. Aging Roof

One of the obvious signs that your roof needs to get replaced is its age. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know this. The rate at which your roof ages depends on the material used. Some roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, have a lifespan of up to 25 years, while others can only last for ten years.

Thus, it’s best to know the kind of roofing material used on your home and how frequently it needs to get replaced. Moreover, having clear information about the age of your roof helps you determine whether it needs repairs or total replacement.

  1. Roof and Ceiling Sagging

One of the most unsightly things on a house is sagging roof lines. Often, this results from improper framing or damaged trusses that can no longer support the roof’s weight. A properly installed roof can also sag after tree damage or heavy snowfall. If this is the case, the roof needs to be taken off entirely so that certain spots are reframed and shored up.

Another obvious sign that your roof needs replacing is veiling sagging. This often happens when the planks, beams, and other supporting structures of the roof break or start to root. When the ceiling sags, the entire structure needs to be taken apart, and the damaged parts replaced. It’s best to keep in mind that a sagging ceiling poses a danger to your family and property, thus the need to move with speed.

  1. Poor Flashing

Most modern homes have complex roof designs. Such roof structures require proper flashing to prevent leaks at spots where the wall, chimney, or dormer meets the roof. If the flashing is in poor condition, snow and rainwater will seep into the house. In this case, there’s nothing much you can do other than having the shingles removed. Often, this reveals extensive water damage that requires a bigger job than what was originally anticipated.

  1. Granule Loss

Whenever you inspect your roof, one of the places to be keen on is the gutters. Roofs tend to lose granules at the end of their life cycle. Darker or inconsistent color on parts of your roof indicates that the granules are wearing away. Excess granules in the gutter show that the shingles are worn out. This makes the roof vulnerable to water and snow damage. Therefore, you need to replace it before it gives in to the elements.

Getting Help for Roof Replacement

Now that you know when to replace your roof, it’s equally important to remember that the job needs to be done by roofing experts. Replacing a roof involves more than installing the new roofing material. If we notice structural damage, we will be happy to inform the customer and let them know what we will be glad to step in once they have a framing company complete any possible structural work.

At Foster Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the number one roofing contractor in Arkansas. Thanks to our proven workmanship, you can trust us to solve whatever roofing problem you might have. We offer roof repair, replacement, and insurance assistance to residential and commercial clients. Please reach out to Foster Roofing today! You can also contact our team by filling out our convenient web-based contact form.




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