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Roof Leak Warranty Coverage  

If you want to have extra protection for your roof and don’t want to pay expensive repair costs, having roof insurance coverage is worth it. Many homeowners find that making an additional monthly payment of $30 to $80 for warranty leak coverage is far more practical than facing much larger roofing expenses unexpectedly.


Are roof leaks covered under a home warranty?

Being in the roofing industry, our team has experienced many situations where homeowners have not educated themselves on required maintenance. Roofing upkeep prolongs your home’s structure and decreases the possibility of being responsible for costly repairs.  If a leak occurs due to lack of maintenance, you may be liable for the out-of-pocket expense. If a leak occurs due to weather-related conditions, your policy may provide coverage. Please read and understand your insurance policy before filing a claim.


Here is how to learn about home warranty roof coverage and how to protect your roof over the long-term:

Most leaks aren’t covered by home insurance, but there are some home warranty plans and providers that cover leaks and repairs.

A home warranty is an annual service contract that covers repairs or replacements on major home systems and appliances like your clothes washer, water heater, air conditioning, and plumbing system. In addition to protecting these items, a home warranty covers optional items like swimming pools, well pumps, and roofs. While there are some home warranty companies that cover leaks, this type of coverage is usually listed as an add-on that you must pay extra for.

Typically, your insurance covers your home’s structure, which includes the roof. If your roof damage is weather-related, your coverage will be determined by the roof age and the type of policy you hold. If your roof needs repairs after a hailstorm or a tree fall on the roof during a windstorm, you may find that your dwelling coverage helps cover the cost, minus your deductible.

Homeowners insurance may cover a roof leak if it’s caused by a covered peril. Suppose your roof is damaged by fire, hail, or wind, which results in a leak. In this case, your policy may help pay to repair the roof leak. Filing a claim may result in a premium increase when you renew your policy, as insurers will view your home as riskier to cover. Unless your repair costs are significantly higher than your deductible, it might cost less over the long-term period to pay for it yourself.


Potential cost of roof repairs and whether they will be covered by insurance.

The cost to repair a roof will depend on the size of the repair area, pitch steepness, materials, and the severity of the repairs needed. Roof repairs can be one of the most expensive home repair costs. Depending on the size of the house, they can cost up to a few thousand dollars without a protection plan. Your home insurance policy’s declaration page explains which perils are covered or excluded under your current policy.


Spotting a roof leak as early as possible is critical for minimizing damage to your home and belongings.

Since roofs are typically slopes, it is common for water to enter your home at one part of your roof, only to trickle down to another area where the leak becomes apparent. If you can’t identify the point of entry by looking at your roof, check the attic. Search the interior for moisture or look for wet wood. Alternatively, you have the option of doing a water test.


It is best to have a professional assess the damage and recommend repairs.


If you need your roof repaired, assessed, or replaced, contact Foster Roofing, your local reputable roofing contractor. Contact us today to have our expert representative’s conduct a full roof assessment and provide a FREE ESTIMATE.


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