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At Foster Roofing, we have your best interests at heart. The roof insurance assistance that we provide really helps customers navigate through the insurance claim world with ease. Foster Roofing offers roof assessment for your business or residential home. We can help advise the right time to file a claim and help get an adjuster on the job as soon as possible. Here tips to make your claim more streamlined:

Communicating with your insurance provider

Whether a storm has recently damaged your roof or it’s been long since you have had your roof fixed, we make the insurance claim more manageable. As a trusted roofing service provider, we rely on the extensive network we have built in our years of operation to provide reliable roof insurance assistance services.

We handle all the documentation and ensure all the crucial details are in writing. We take you through the process and recommend self-help options when filing a claim. If you run out of self-help options, our professionals can step in to assist with the process.

Roof Insurance Assistance Support from Start to Finish 

The damage evaluation process for your roof is a crucial step in the process. You don’t want to file a claim when it’s unnecessary. Most insurance companies follow up on the number of claims you have made in the past and how many have been settled. Before rushing into decisions, talk to one of our professionals, and we will gladly provide you with roof insurance assistance.

By utilizing our reputable roof insurance assistance services, we guarantee accurate estimates. We take pride in the honest and transparent services our team provides.

The Foster Roofing Roof Insurance Assistance Process 

  1. Assessment

When professionals are out to assess your roof, they look out for any damages, how long the roof will last, and the overall integrity of the roof. Our roofing professionals utilize special tools to determine your roof’s integrity without necessarily climbing or tearing into the shingles.

Most roof insurance assistance providers understand that roofs can be quite an investment; that’s why they prefer to have a previous assessment carried out on the roof by certified professionals.  Doing these assessments not only gives you peace of mind but also makes your insurance provider less hesitant when settling claims.

  1. Handling the paperwork

If everything goes well, the insurance claim should be straightforward. Nonetheless, it’s essential that you keep a record of every detail.  Our experience in the roof insurance assistance program helps us keep a good record of the right information. We help evaluate the policy documents and keep the guideline in check.

Our professionals also help take photographs that can be used during the claims processes. We are a certified roof repair service provider; this means you can use our details as a reference when filing a claim. Insurance companies recommend that you detail the events that took place and the amount you claim for the damage. We will hold your hand through the process.

  1. Roof Installation and Repair 

From repairable leakages to full blown damaged reinstallation, some of the common roof defects include cracked flashing, defective vent booting, and missing or damaged shingles.

Selecting a Reliable Roof Insurance Assistance Provider 

When the process is complete, and you have finally proved your claim, you’ll need a trustworthy roof repair contractor. Homeowners are often tempted to repair the problem themselves, especially if the problem is minor. As professional roof repair specialists, we advise against repairing the roof yourself. A certified contractor will have the roof fixed on time and accurately. The resources and equipment at our disposal, coupled with the training and experience, are needed to climb and work on your roof.

When looking for a roof repair specialist to help with your roof insurance assistance and repair, you should consider the location, certification, and experience.

Needing a roof repair is never a fun experience; however, knowing what to expect and using the right roof insurance assistant helps put your mind at ease. A certified contractor will take care of everything from start to finish. Foster Roofing is here to make your roof repair journey easier. Contact us today!



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