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Is your roof ready to bear the heat and weather this summer? With the high temperatures and strong storms we get in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, you need to prepare your roof for the season. Let’s look at a few things that will need to be checked out by the experts!

Have the Condition of the Roof Checked

Have an expert walk around your entire home and look at the roof from several angles. They will check for any shingles that are missing or broken. If there is any damage to the roof, they will be able to make the repairs later on.
They will use a ladder to get up to the edge of the roof & do a visual inspection of the shingles. There should be a good layer of granules on top. Those granules help protect the shingles from heat and falling debris. If the granules are thinning and falling into the gutter, your roof is starting to deteriorate and will need attention from the roofing experts.

Inspection of Openings in the Roof

When the roofing experts are walking around the house, they may see various things protruding through the roof deck. This could include chimney stacks, ventilation equipment, drain pipe stacks, or skylights. These openings in the roof deck are common sites for leaks to occur. 

Having our team inspect these openings for leaks is a good idea. We will be able to check around the edges for water damaged and see if any light is coming in around those edges. If there are any water stains or beams of light, this might be a sign of a problem.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned and Repaired

The gutters around your roof’s edge help capture rainwater, and then divert it down and away from your home’s foundation. Leaves and other organic debris can build-up in the gutter, restricting the flow of rainwater. Before the summer arrives, make sure the gutters are clean and ready for heavy rain. While the gutters are being cleaned by the experts they can also check for any other problems.

Trim Back Any Overhanging Branches

Looking for any branches that overhang the roof is also a good idea. In a strong wind storm, those branches could break off and fall on the roof. A falling branch can break the roof rafters, poke holes in the roof deck, and cause major damage in seconds. It’s best to remove them before they cause damage, and you need to call roofing experts for help.
Get a qualified tree cutter to do the work. Trying to remove a heavy branch above your roof by yourself is a gamble. An experienced tree cutter can do the work quickly and safely. It’s better than having to call roofing experts to repair roof damage caused by a falling branch.

Give Our Team of Roofing Experts a Call Today

An easy way to prepare your home for summer is to get a professional roof inspection. Roofing experts examine the roof for unusual wear, damage caused by falling debris, organic growth, and other factors which can deteriorate a residential roof.

You receive a full written report of what the roofing experts found. It includes recommendations on actions that you need to take, such as making minor repairs or replacing the roof if it’s old or deteriorating. 

Whether you need a roof inspection or need some repairs completed, call Foster Roofing right away. We’ve been installing and repairing roofs for over 25 years. Let the roofing experts prepare your roof ready for the summer heat.

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