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Even if you love the winter and snow, it can have a major impact on the exterior of your home which could also become an interior issue. The first impacted structure of your home is the ice and snow on the roof, which always takes the biggest hit from Mother Nature’s winter forces. As a homeowner, you must understand how snow and ice impact your roof so you can take proper care and know when to contact a roofing professional.

Keep reading to learn more about the impact winter weather can have on the most critical protective structure on your home: the roof!

What to Look for on Your Roof

There are several specific residuals from winter storms or regular winter weather that you must be aware of when inspecting your roof, including:

Gutter Damage

Ice and snow that melts and refreezes can cause significant damage to your gutters since the slowly melted water reaches these fixtures before the ground. If your gutters are already clogged with debris, the water will refreeze, thus filling them with heavy ice. This can cause massive damage to the gutter system and potentially cause a collapse. Never remove gutter ice with sharp tools as this could result in additional damage to the system.

Ice Dams

Snow and ice can create ice dams, which is ice collecting at the edge of your roof, mostly resulting in icicles. Ice dams occur when your roof temperature is warmer than the temperature in the gutters. Therefore, if the snow melts at your roof’s highest point, it will run towards the gutters. As the temperature drops, the running water collects and turns to ice. This becomes a major issue as the warmer weather sets in and the ice melts but is blocked by thicker ice and snow. Since the water must flow somewhere, it will find tiny cracks and holes in your roof leading to ceiling water stains and interior water damage which could result in mold.

Roof Stress

Ice dams are not the only result of Mother Nature’s ferocity as snow and ice can create roof stress resulting in cave-ins. Many homes built before 1975 might not have enough support to withstand heavy ice and snow accumulation. Although 10 inches of fresh snow only weighs around 5 pounds per square foot, when it is packed, ice and wet snow, the wintry mix could accumulate to more than the roof’s weight capacity. Just one inch of ice weighs the same as one inch of fresh snow. If you observe sagging ceiling tiles, strange creaking noises, cracked walls, or leaks, then your roof is stressed, and you must call a professional roofing company for further assessment.

Roofing Blisters

Another regular occurrence on low-sloped or flat roofs is blistering. Roof blisters occur when the snow begins to melt during the spring. The rising temperature traps evaporating moisture and warm air between the roofing layers.

Tips on How to Prevent a Winter Storm Impact

If you follow these tips each year, then you will minimize the damage when a major winter storm rolls through the area:

Follow an Inspection Schedule

Before the winter season sets in, always contact roofing professionals to perform roof and gutter inspections to ensure there are no issues that could extrapolate during and after the winter season.

Regular Maintenance

During the winter season, homeowners could consider knocking built-up snow off of their roof if there is a safe option for them personally.

Roofing Replacement

Before winter hits, if you see any worn, loose, cracked, or broken shingles, you must have them replaced. Also, it is critical to clean the gutters and trim overhanging tree limbs that could fall on the roof due to heavy snow and ice. These are inexpensive procedures that are quick and easy.

The bottom line is you must care for your roof before the winter sets in through regular maintenance, inspection, and replacement when necessary. If you follow a schedule, ice and snow impact during the winter will be kept at a minimum. Protect your roof now to ensure it lasts for many years in the future. If you need a roof repair, please reach out to Foster Roofing today! You can also contact our team by filling out our convenient web-based contact form.


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