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Now that you’ve decided to replace your roof, it’s time to start preparing for the installation. Though our installation team will do the work on your behalf, there are some things you can do to prepare for the project. Follow the roofing replacement preparation tips as detailed below, and the installation of your new roof will prove much easier and quicker than anticipated: 

Create a Plan for Children and Pets It’s essential to keep your kids and furry friends far away from the worksite. Your kids can simply stay inside during the roofing replacement process or find an outdoor space away from your home to ensure their safety. The same is true for your furry friends. If your dog or cat needs to go outside during the replacement, keep them on a leash or in a fenced area away from the roof. Keep in mind the re-roofing process will create some noise. If your dog is sensitive to noise, it might be best that he or she stay elsewhere as the roof is being replaced. Otherwise, you might be inundated with barking during the re-roofing project. 

Make the Roof Accessible Our team will need to be able to access the roof with ease throughout the installation. Ladders, equipment, roofing materials, tools, and other items will be positioned on top of the roof or near it during the installation process. Try to get everything out of our way so we can access your roof with ease. Remove all toys, trash cans, and vehicles that stand in the way. Try to clear out the area by your home so our team can move our trucks in close to the worksite for easy access. 

Mark Sensitive Landscaping 

Our roofers go to great lengths to avoid the landscaping around homes. We try to prevent contact with and subsequent damage to sprinkler heads, lawn decorations, shrubs, trees, and other components of landscaping. However, damage to landscaping might occur at some point during the roofing replacement project. It will help if you point out especially sensitive parts of your landscaping or even mark these areas with miniature flags. 

Mind the Interior of Your Home There will be some vibrations during your roofing replacement. The minor shaking and vibrations have the potential to cause artwork and other decorations to fall off the walls. If you have any such items on the walls or valuables on shelves, take them down for the duration of the re-roofing project. In particular, it’s best to remove paintings, chandeliers, china, mirrors, and other items hanging from the ceilings and walls. This way, there won’t be any risk of things falling and breaking during the roof replacement. 

Let Your Neighbors Know About Your Roof Installation Be sure to let the neighbors on each side of your home know when you’ve scheduled a roofing replacement. This way, they will not be surprised by the noise and a slight increase in traffic near your property. A heads up will also help if your neighbors have kids or pets who might be irritated by the noise and vehicles. 

Mow the Lawn Mowing the lawn might seem like an odd tip for roof replacement yet it is quite important. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure all debris ends up in the dumpster and garbage cans. However, there is the chance a wayward nail will make it to your lawn. If your lawn is freshly mowed, it will be that much easier to find one or several nails in the grass after this project is complete. 

Move Your Vehicle(s) Out of the Way If you park vehicles outside of the garage, move them inside the garage or on the street prior to the roofing team’s arrival. Otherwise, there’s a chance some of the debris from the roof will hit your vehicle. The bottom line, access to your driveway will be needed throughout the project. Your vehicle should be parked in the garage or on the street so we can transport tools/equipment to and from the roof without impediment. 

Contact Foster Roofing Today Our roofers are here to make your roof replacement as easy as possible. Give Foster Roofing a call at (479) 751-2300 to learn more about our roofing services and schedule an analysis of your roof, including a free estimate.

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