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Hiring a roofing company is a significant move that needs to be executed with unerring precision. Before you decide on a company, do you have all the essential questions you need to ask the roofing contractors?

There are a few defining traits that determine the reliability of a roofing company.

Key Questions

  1. Are you a licensed, bonded, and insured company?

Ensure you’ve confirmed that the roofing company you’re about to hire is licensed, bonded, and insured. To be licensed, a contractor has to register with the board of licensing contractors in the state. In addition, a bonding company has to be aware that a specific contractor is ethically and professionally conducting business before they get bonded. You can always fall back on the bond if the contractor fails to fix a problem or goes out of business before the job gets done. Property damage may occur during a roofing project. You need proof of a general liability insurance certificate that guarantees to cover the expenses if your property gets damaged.

Foster Roofing is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team goes the extra mile to provide credentials in a neatly organized presentation folder. You may also find Foster Roofing’s credentials here: We Invite You to Review Our Credentials Digitally! Upon request, Foster Roofing can provide lien documentation proving the workman’s compensation for the supplier used and subcontractor assigned to your roofing project.

  1. Are you a local roofing contractor?

Always opt for a local roofing company. To be precise, inquire about the location of their physical offices and ask for a working phone number. Beware, most out-of-state roofing contractors may appear after a devastating storm and offer to fix damages at lower prices, but they may do a poor job. Plus, they usually do not pay any attention to local codes.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau recently shared a press release informing the community about the dangers of storm chasers. This press release is also included in Foster Roofing’s credential files. Foster Roofing is locally owned and has been established for more than 25 years now. If you want a quality job, go for the experience.

  1. What do you specialize in?

Most people ignore this question. If you have a roofing problem, make sure you are hiring a roofing expert. You do not want a general contractor or handyman tampering with your roof and making the situation worse.

Foster Roofing offers all roof repair needs, full replacement services, and new construction expertise to help you execute the property of your dreams.

We encourage you to contact Foster Roofing at 479-751-2300; our team is readily available to help assist with any questions on the front end and provide a FREE estimate to fully examine and determine a resolution to get your roof in peak condition.

  1. What does your contract stipulate?

Roofing is among the most intensive home improvement jobs. That is why you should be thoroughly acquainted with the contract. Do not agree to a vague or overly complicated roofing contract. Ensure the prices, performance dates, and contingencies are clearly articulated. The roofing contractor should have a knowledgeable representative and project manager ready to answer any questions or clarify any ambiguous information on the contract.

Foster Roofing offers a full roof assessment at no cost. Once assessed, the representative will formulate a detailed estimate to share with each valued customer. Each estimate provided includes a thorough description to ensure you are approving the work order without any future surprises regarding job cost.

  1. Have you received any awards in the recent past?

A roofing company only receives reputable awards if its services are truly outstanding. If it has several awards, you can expect excellent service and quality craftsmanship.

Foster Roofing has been voted by the community and awarded by many local voting polls, as the Best Roofing Contractor of Northwest Arkansas. Foster Roofing has been awarded several times over the years, as a top-ranking contractor by Cityscape’s Magazine and The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

We fully understand just how important your roof is to you as a homeowner. Apart from performing a thorough and exceptional job, we are always available to answer any question you may have.

Please reach out to Foster Roofing today! You can also contact our team by filling out our convenient web-based contact form.


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