Top 6 Reasons To Avoid DIY Roof Repairs & Call The Experts

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If something goes wrong with your roof, you may be tempted to climb up onto it and attempt a DIY
(do-it-yourself) roof repair. However, the DIY approach is a mistake in the context of roof repair. As
detailed below, there are plenty of reasons to avoid DIY roof repairs that can backfire.

Let’s take a look at the perils of self-reliance for roof repair and shed light on the importance of leaning
on the professionals for this important work:

1. DIY Roof Repairs Don’t Have a Warranty

Repairing your roof will chew up plenty of your time and energy, ultimately leaving you with an
unreliable layer of protection above you and your loved ones. Making matters worse is the fact that
these repairs do not have any sort of warranty or guarantee. The only way to guarantee your roof will
stand the test of time and be repaired/replaced if anything goes wrong is for a warranty to be in place.
The typical manufacturer’s warranty is one to three decades. Warranties for shingles have the potential
to last upwards of half a century. However, no such warranty will apply if you take the DIY
route. Furthermore, if a manufacturer warranty already exists on your current roof and you don’t hire a
certified roofing professional for repairs, your warranty will be voided.

2. DIY Roof Repair Is Dangerous

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is climb a ladder and attempt to repair your
compromised roof. Climbing up to the roof is an inherently dangerous activity, as is walking on your
roof. Add in the fact that you’ll be hunched over, attempting to repair the roof on a sloped surface, and
this DIY project will prove that much more hazardous.

If your roof isn’t flat or if there is a strong wind, you’ll find it quite difficult to maintain your balance
while high up on top of your home. Furthermore, there is a chance you’ll find a bee’s nest or endure a
downpour while up on the roof. There is no sense putting yourself in such danger when the roofing
professionals are here to perform the repairs on your behalf.

3. A Single Beginner’s Mistake can Prove Quite Costly

Embracing the DIY ethos is admirable in certain aspects of life, yet it has the potential to set you back
hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the context of roof repair. Ask those who have attempted DIY
roof repairs about the results, and you’ll find many admit their self-reliance ended up costing them a
considerable amount of money. In some cases, mistakes made while performing DIY roof repair ended
up damaging not only the roof but also other parts of the home.

In some cases, major mistakes are made, yet the homeowner doesn’t even realize it until it’s too late
and water is leaking down into the home. As an example, it’s important to carefully implement starter
sections of shingles along roof eaves to prevent moisture from moving down into the sheathing below
the shingles. Lean on the professional roofers and you won’t have to worry about such mistakes. The
pros endure all the problems on your behalf, providing roof repairs that prove durable as time

4. You Won’t Have the Right Materials for the Job

DIY roofers don’t have the same access to top-notch materials as professional roofers. Let the pros
handle this important project on your behalf and you’ll rest easy knowing your roof is constructed
using top-notch materials that stand the test of time. Experienced roofers know exactly which
materials to use for each type of roof repair.

5. You’ll Endure More Stress

You work hard throughout the week. There’s no sense in making your life even more stressful with the
burden of a DIY roof repair attempt. Working on a roof is quite a dangerous and stressful challenge.
Let the pros do the work and you’ll be able to focus on your work, your family, and getting the most
out of life.

6. DIY Roof Repair Produces Disappointing Results

If those who attempted DIY roof repair were honest about the experience, most would admit they were
unhappy with the outcome. DIY roof repair tends to fall short in at least one area (if not more), whether
it’s aesthetics, durability, protection, or project length. A DIY roof repair is unlikely to hold strong as
time progresses simply because the workmanship is inferior to that provided by an experienced

Sadly, many DIY roof repairs only last a couple of months or a year, requiring additional attention
before the homeowner anticipated. The bottom line is professional roofers have the experience,
knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to produce lasting results. When you need a roof repair, contact Foster Roofing in Northwest Arkansas to avoid DIY roof repairs at (479) 751-2300 and Foster Valley at (479) 308-0413.

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