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Natural disasters can happen at any time or part of the world. Most times, they can be very destructive and cause a lot of damage. You will need a good roof system to keep your family and property safe when hail hits.

For example, if you happen to be a victim of a bad hailstorm, your roof could suffer irreparable damage. In such a situation, the next logical step is to file an insurance claim.

We may ask to see your insurance adjusters’ estimate as it is beneficial to compare measurements and specified products. Discrepancies leading to insurance supplements need to be resolved prior to re-roofing your home. Foster Roofing is a preferred vendor of many insurance companies. Our representatives are trained to cross-examine provided insurance estimates to verify that your roof is getting everything it needs at the time of our assessment.

An experienced and professional insurance company should shoulder the costs of replacing your damaged roof provided you meet the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Why You Need Insurance Assistance
Seeking assistance from a professional local roofing contractor and sharing the insurance adjuster estimate will help you accomplish the following:
• Avoid common mistakes made by homeowners who file insurance claims without professional help.
• Get roof damage assessment and estimation from experts.
• Ensure your roof installment is handled by professionals using state-of-the-art equipment.

Filing a Claim
Once the claim is filed and the adjuster inspects and determines there is a valid claim, the adjuster will figure a settlement based on the company’s preset rate per square of the roof. You will receive their report and the first check; also known as the ACV portion.

(Listed below are details that we print and include in our invoicing process) The Invoice for the project is enclosed. Please follow the steps below for the insurance claim process.

1. Send the enclosed Invoice to your Insurance Carrier as proof that the job was completed. This will initiate the carrier to release the Recoverable Depreciation and process a payment.
2. Please send payment to Foster Roofing for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) amount which your insurance company would have sent to you soon after the adjuster was at your house. If you have a mortgage on your house the mortgage holder will be listed on the ACV check so you will need to have them endorse it.
3. If the scope of work included gutters, these will be Invoiced separately upon completion and you will need to send the invoice to your Insurance Carrier to initiate the release of the Recoverable Depreciation for the gutter portion.

Guarantee Your Roof’s Coverage
Just because your roof sustains damage from a few storms doesn’t mean it can handle future storms. You need a professional roofer to inspect your roof and repair any damages it may have suffered. You must be alert and prepared.

Proper roof maintenance and care are a prerequisite in most homeowner’s insurance policies. Don’t let your roof’s condition deteriorate while waiting for your insurance company to fix it. It should be in good condition at all times. You can have it assessed regularly by roofing professionals. You can also prioritize replacing any old roofs whenever you can.

Get Professional Help Today
Filing an insurance claim after a natural disaster can be a tedious, lengthy process. That’s why you need professional assistance to increase your chances of winning your claim.

You will need professional insurance assistance if your roof has sustained damage. Foster Roofing will help you with your insurance claim and roof repair. We understand how stressful life gets after a natural disaster. Our dedicated team will ensure your insurance claim gets handled successfully.
Foster Roofing has experienced experts trusted by adjusters to give the correct assessment and estimation for your roof repairs and insurance cover. We have maintained an impressive list of satisfied clients for over 25 years.

Other than insurance assistance, our services also cover roof repair. Please reach out to Foster Roofing today! You can also contact our team by filling out our convenient web-based contact form.

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