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Foster Roofing is here to help you educate yourself on the weakest spots on your roof!

     Understanding your roof’s weak spots will make it a lot easier to identify minor issues before they escalate. Consistent maintenance will allow your roofing system to last longer. A qualified and professional roofing contractor must complete roof assessments periodically to prevent long-term damage and ensure your safety. Minor roof concerns left neglected will lead to more significant problems for your home. The earlier you can spot these areas of concern, the earlier you can determine potential damage.

Here are a few of the weakest spots on your roof:

It can come down to a loose piece of flashing or one peeled edge on a shingle that can cause water to seep into the underlayment, next creeping into your home and creating rot along with mildew spreading like a virus.  The weakest spots that Foster Roofing commonly repairs are the dead valleys, shingles, flashing, joints, and penetrations such as exhaust vents, plumbing, and skylights. Taking time to repair shingles, dead valleys, cracked flashing, and vulnerable seams will protect areas of your roof that are prone to leaks and much more. Knowing the importance of assessing these areas and repairing them could eliminate replacing the entire roof- which can be costly.


  • Flashings – Flashing is implemented to seal roof edges, chimneys, penetrations, walls, valleys, vents, and many other areas where the surface of your roof could be compromised. In other words, flashing is implemented to seal gaps to prevent water infiltration. Weather and oxidation are the most common causes of flashing deterioration. Routine roof assessments to evaluate the roof condition; specifically, the weaker locations can give you a heads up to know when flashing repairs may be needed.
  • Worn Shingles – Shingles can often be one of the weakest spots on your roof. Shingles are prone to fade, curl, granular loss, and blister with high temperatures. High winds can lift and rip shingles off the roofing system; these issues can provide an entryway for water, leading to more severe damage. Without sufficient ventilation, shingles can buckle. If you notice signs of your asphalt shingles becoming degraded or damaged suddenly, do not stall to address the problem.
  • “Dead” Valleys – The opposite of roof ridges, roof valleys are where the bottom or side edges of two slopes meet. If you have peaks on your roof, there are valleys between the peaks that need to be monitored so rainwater can smoothly move down your roofline. Leaves and debris can cause water to pool up. Due to the roof valleys being angled upwards, water naturally funnels towards them, making them vulnerable to moisture damage. The valleys of your roof are quite dangerous for an inexperienced person to climb around. We recommend hiring your locally trusted roofing contractor, Foster Roofing.
  • Joints and Penetrations – Vulnerable spots can develop on your roof where skylights, walls, chimneys, plumbing, exhaust vents from kitchens and bathrooms, and the fascia boards are. If the different materials and flashings that cover the joints are not installed correctly, water and wind will damage your roofing system. Water stains around bathroom exhaust vents are very common and usually caused by condensation rather than a roof leak. The purpose of bathroom exhaust vents is to push the moist air from the bathroom outside. As the moist air moves through the duct in your attic, condensation accumulates. As more and more condensation build, water will drain back down the duct and into the vent, causing leaks to appear around the vent.


Get Professional Help Today

If you know your roof has incurred any of these concerns, contact your reputable roofing contractor Foster Roofing. If you are a new homeowner and have not evaluated the condition of your roof, we recommend contacting Foster Roofing for a FREE ESTIMATE before you learn the hard way. Foster Roofing is qualified to repair and replace your old roofing systems with expert knowledge and top-of-the-line products from industry leaders. Part of Foster Roofing‘s responsibility as a certified contractor is offering you the most trusted service.


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