Advice To New Homeowners Regarding Unseen Roof Damage

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As a new homeowner, many responsibilities come along with a new home. A significant concern for many first-time buyers is the condition of the roof on properties of interest. There are many scenarios involving unseen roof damage that homeowners fail to detect. Follow these tips to make the most out of your roof.

Use Qualified Experts

Before agreeing to purchase the new house, ensure to contact a reliable roof inspector. With a professional home inspector, your roof can be inspected for any damages, upgrades, or repairs that need to be addressed soon.

Many home inspectors fail to check specific points professional roofing firms would note, so deferring to a qualified roof repair expert is vital. The condition of the roof can affect the value of your home.

Do Regular Maintenance

Professional roof repair contractors advise homeowners to inspect the roof every six months, at least visually. The inspection can be as simple as looking at the roof while undertaking other routine maintenance, to gutters or the A/C, for example. If anything looks off, request a formal inspection from a trusted roofing contractor. The means for inspection are dependent on the composition, condition, and complexity of your roof.

Inspections Matter

Inspections are best done before the onset of severe weather conditions. Storms and precipitation occurring during the winter months impact the state of your roof. Summer is also another season for inspection due to the higher UV radiation, as well as high heat and thermal shock resulting from summer rain.

When seeking the services of a professional roof contractor, a formal moisture survey should be performed in addition to the standard survey. Typically, three types of moisture surveys can be achieved. The survey does not measure the water content but rather the properties of the roofing materials, which change in the presence of water.

These moisture surveys include:

  • Infrared scan: Measures the amount of heat that is retained or lost during the process of insulation. The transmission of heat is better through wet insulation than dry materials. An infrared device picks up elevated levels of heat, which are likely to be radiated through wet materials.
  • Electrical capacitance and resistance meters: Measure the capability of your roof to transmit electricity.
  • Nuclear isotopic meters: Transmit hydrogen ions present in your roof, which in turn indicate the presence of water on your roof.

When is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

If your roof shingles start to curl, it is time for roof replacement. This curling takes place in two ways:

  1. Cupping: the edges of the shingle turning upwards to form a ‘cup.’
  2. Clawing: the edges of the shingle curl downward at the corners ‘clawing’ at the next layer of roofing.

When your roof is heavily infested with algae or moss, it can be a sign you need a roof repair expert.

A sagging roof also requires replacement before further damage occurs. You can check on the lower ends of your roof for signs of rotting boards, trapped moisture, and other sagging spots.

After a severe storm, it is advised you inspect your roof for damage. In case of the presence of patches that are damaged or cracked, you should contact a reliable roofing contractor such as Foster Roofing.

To learn more about your unseen roof damage repair options schedule an appointment with a professional roof contractor, contact Foster Roofing today at (479) 751-2300 in NW Arkansas and (479) 308-0413 in Foster Valley.

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