5 Reasons Fall is the Right Time to Replace Your Roof

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Why is fall the best time to replace your roof? If you have been postponing the roof replacement, fall is the best time to get ahead of it. For starters, the weather is fair, not too hot, and relatively pleasant. Our experts help keep you warm by replacing your roof ahead of the snowy season. Here are the top five reasons why fall is the right time to replace your roof:

1. Optimal Weather Conditions

Most homeowners overlook roof replacement during fall often find themselves repairing their roofs after the snow sets in. This leads to high demand for our roof replacement specialists during winter. Our professionals check your roof for any blistered, missing, loose, or curled shingles and provide proper roof replacement suggestions.

2. Preparation for harsh weather

Every homeowner has a different schedule. With roofing concerns likely to be overlooked, it’s essential to look for the perfect time to replace your roof. Our roofing professionals are always available, we address your roof replacement concerns adequately. It is proactive to assess your roof for damages and make proper repairs before the harsh weather sets in.

At Foster Roofing, we recommend getting ahead of the problem, don’t wait until a storm hits to replace your roof. In the absence of a crisis, your roof still deserves a closer look. Our qualified and licensed professionals perform a comprehensive assessment of your roof’s condition. We replace and repair any roof defects. Some of the factors we consider include:
• Ventilation: Fresh air plays a vital role in roof health. If warm air from the roof passes into the rest of the house, it could cause the air conditioning system to work harder. We ensure the ventilation is optimal.
• Shingle Color: Dark roofs absorb more roofs and thus prone to heat damage. Our professionals recommend and provide quality shingles for your roof replacement.

3. Save on Heating

As the cold months approach, you will save more with a better-insulated home. Roof replacement can help decrease heating bills. The offset created by a well-renovated roof helps cut down on your bills. When the cold weather sets in, we tend to crank up the heat to stay warm. Most homeowners overlook the role well-insulated roofs play.
With a properly insulated roof, less heat to likely to escape. More energy is used when proper roofing is overlooked, resulting in higher energy bills. Foster Roofing helps you save hundreds of dollars. Replacing your roof during fall is your best bet when you want to save on energy bills. Paying attention to your roof saves you not only money but also increases your roof’s lifespan.

4. Protection from the Summer Heat

The heat during summer can cause wear and tear to the material. Constant days of temperatures rising up to 100 degrees occur and can alter the roof materials’ curing time. Moreover, with the heat beating down on your recently replaced roof during summer, the damage will eventually take a toll on your roof.

Summer weather is volatile; the rainy days can also take a toll on your roof, especially for recently renovated roofs. Our foster roofing repair professionals recommend assessing and repairing your damaged roof during fall. That way, you can have some peace of mind in the colder months.

5. Ample curing time

Like any other repair project, your roof needs time to cure. Curing conditions such as optimum moisture conditions are critical to a successful roof replacement. When the weather is volatile, achieving the required strength becomes trickier. With drier weather setting in during fall, this creates suitable conditions for the proper installation of materials. When the roof is laden with snow during winter, the shingles do not cure as well as they could during fall.

Foster Roofing is always looking out for you and your roof. Ensure you have the right roof replacement professional on the job this fall. If you are worried about your current roof condition, reach out to our roof replacement professionals for more details.

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