Jordan VasquezSales

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where I began my career as a roofing material sales representative for a major supply company. I spent 6 years in roofing supply and was relocated from Dallas to Arkansas with my wife and two boys. My family and I have loved making Arkansas our home because we are an outdoor family and there is always something to do outside in Arkansas. In 2016 I left the roofing supply side of the industry and accepted a position with Foster Roofing at the River Valley location. As a company, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and installing a roof system that is second to none. Most home owners do not know every step of the roofing process and the reasons why we use the materials we do. We are here to help educate and guide them through the process so that when their roof is complete they will be at ease knowing their home and all of the memories inside are protected by the roof over their heads. My goal is to continue our tradition of excellent customer service and to treat each customer’s roof as if it were my own.


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