Your Protection Against Mother Nature

Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma have their fair share of extreme weather year-round in the form of hail, rain, tornadoes, etc. The resulting damage from such storms can often be devastating to you and your roof. Luckily, Foster Roofing is available for all roof replacements and repairs so you can move on from the storms as quickly as possible.

The Best Response is an Immediate Response

The longer you go without dealing with storm damage, the worse it gets, which is why the experts at Foster Roofing are ready for immediate response in the Northwest Arkansas and River Valley areas. We cover all types of damage from storm–no matter how big or small–from roof replacement and repairs, to siding and gutter repair and replacement.

Even if you’re not sure you have damage, it’s important to get a trained professional to accurately assess your roof and determine if problems need to addressed.

Types of Storm Damage You Should Know About:

  • Hail – The property damage caused by hail can vary, depending on the severity, magnitude, and duration of the storm itself. Sometimes the hail damage is easy to detect, but it’s often difficult to see with the naked eye. Either way, it can lead to costly repairs to home’s roof and siding. Hail can create soft spots in asphalt shingles, which usually aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The damage can also lead to exposure to other elements create more problems in the long-term.
  • Rain – For a roof that has already been damaged due to other factors, or has exceeded its lifespan, rain can spell disaster for your home as it leaks into the property’s interior and foundation. Improper drainage caused by clogged or faulty gutters and drains can also allow rain to create significant damage to your property.
  • Wind & Tornadoes – High-winds and tornadoes contain both negative and positive pressure. When they interact with a pressurized building (such as your home), the winds can increase the internal pressure inside, which pushes on the roof and can even take it off. If the wind’s suction is strong enough, your roof will breach, leaving your property exposed to further damage.

Foster Roofing is the Preferred Insurance Claims Specialist

No matter what type of storm damage your home experiences, our professional team of experts can assist you in ensuring that your insurance claim is filed properly and won’t cause additional stress. To find more about what it means to hire a preferred vendor for insurance companies, click here.