What to Look for When Finding the Best Schools in the Bentonville Area

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If you want to locate the best schools in Bentonville, you’ll find there are a lot of different options, depending on the area you want for them, your available budget, and the types of schools and classes you’d like to target for your kids.


Some of the best elementary and middle school districts are located in Bentonville’s northern and northeastern areas. Old High Middle School is one of the best and largest public schools in the area, and Apple Glen and Sugar Creek Elementary are both rated even higher. All of these schools are rated 8 or 9, and they feature some of the best staff and services in town for children in grades K-4.


When it comes to school districts outside of Bentonville, but still located close to the Bentonville area, it’s also worth mentioning the Rogers School District and the Gravette School Districts, both featuring schools rated among the top middle schools in the county.

Finally, we can’t mention Bentonville schools without talking about the well-known Haas Hall Academy, a renowned charter school considered by many to be the #1 academic establishment in the state of Arkansas.  Foster Roofing is a wonderful community roofing company who believes in a good education for our children.


Moving to Bentonville, Arkansas, might not cost you a lot of money, especially if you’re coming from areas like New York or California, but aside from a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle, you can be sure you get the best education options for your children as well.

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